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James Robertson Gets His Car

This past Sunday, I saw the story of James Robertson, the man who had a perfect work attendance record despite having to walk 21 miles as part of his daily commute to and from his workplace. I wrote a quick story and asked the rhetorical question. Can't We Get This Man A Car?

I suggested someone set up a crowdfund-type account and one was set up shortly after. Then the internet did what it does and more than $310K was raised.

As Travis reported yesterday, not only did James get the cash donations, but someone came along and promised him a brand new Taurus. That picture above is James and how he reacted as he got into his new Taurus for the first time today.


Jalopnik readers played a big role in this. Many of the early donations - on a Sunday morning - came from this community and helped get the ball rolling. I'm sure he'd thank you personally if given the chance - but that might be difficult since more than 11,000 people donated. So, I'll thank you on his behalf.


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