Jan Van Joins An Exclusive Titanium Club

For those not neck deep in Ford Transit Connect culture...ok all of you except me...there is a part on the high-end Transit Connect Titanium that is well sought after by the community. The taillight reflectors that are above the taillights are exclusive to the Titanium Trim.

On most other trims of the TC, that’s just a black plastic piece.


I have seen people paint those pieces to match or contrast their body color. Looks alright, but it never matches exactly. There are some threads going where people have ordered these reflectors for upwards of $80 EACH plus another $50 core charge. Cheapest I have seen on eBay is $118, but they ship from Latvia, and one forum messenger waited MONTHS to receive theirs.

Sometime last week, someone here inquired on a good website to shop junkyard parts. car-part dot come was recommended. So I took a deep dive.

Searching through hundreds of totaled vans, I found a few TC’s in the Titanium trim. Sent some e-mails inquiring on the parts. One guy responded. Two business days, and $70 later, BOOM!


Titanium RallyVan!

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