Jan Van Has New Tags

Ohio’s DMV/BMV/Titling/Secretary of State....whatever they call it, is a nightmare. I’ve experienced Illinois and Michigan DMV’s, and Ohio just took the crown and scuttled away with it. For those who don’t get it, which I think is majority of you here, I’ve been coined the nickname Greasetank since college.

Why WOULDN’T you have Ohio Beef on your plate?
Why WOULDN’T you have Ohio Beef on your plate?
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They have separate offices for titling and licensing. Luckily, the one near me are next door to each other. I had to first sit through the line to get a new state ID. Then had to sit through a separate line to get an out of state vehicle inspection. Then go to the other office to update the title. THEN go back to the first office to update the registration and tags. All of it took two days worth of waiting in lines and bouncing back and forth. But it was worth it to get these vanities.

Now I need the Ruckus registered. Ohio residents, are 50cc scooters considered regular motorcycles here? Would I need an endorsement or license? How picky are they with modifications?

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