Janesville Wisconsin Oppos?

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Willing to look at a truck for me?

I stumbled across this gem last week and haven’t been able to get it out of my head. It’s allegedly a two owner truck and surprisingly a life long Wisconsin rig.


My likes..

It’s an 87 so it has the TBI 350 and 700R4.

Black and Red! She’s gorgeous!

My concerns..

Repainted. Nice but anything can look nice in pictures.

Rust and rust repairs. The front fender liners, cab mounts and cab corners were notorious for rot. Were there repairs? Were they done right?


Interior. The seat needs new foam and a recover and the dash pad is trashed.

Options. There are none. No Cruise, tilt, A/C, etc. It’s a rubber floor truck.

Price. It’s at a dealership. They have it at $8500. That may seem high but really sanitary examples are getting twice that much.


Trivial concern.

Someone painted the wheels black. (WHY??)

I may have to rent a car to go look at this thing. I’m craving a box Suburban but I could easily see myself cruising around in this with Lloyd in the passenger seat.


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