Janky Turbo sc400 project update:

First test drive results: positive pressure a hair below 2000 rpm, 8psi at redline, no gold heat tape yet so no new pictures. More detailed rundown after the jump.

About 4-5 psi from at 3500ish rpm.

Currently unregulated boost with no wastegates hooked up. Left the threaded portion of the compressor housing open to keep max psi down.


Stock fuel system was not cutting it(shock) saw 13.X afr’s past 4000rpm so that wasn’t great. On 91 octane with a 10:1 comp and around 6psi.

Throttle response was bad at anything less than wot, I’m attributing that to the iacv thats haphazardly plugged. But it pulled way better than expected, and made pressure much better than I had hoped(being two slightly too big turbos in the trunk with many feet of charge pipe. And the charge pipe being brake ducting from Pegasus racing)

If the oil pumps prove reliable than I’ll say money well spent.(closed system oiling the turbos with two pumps and a reservoir, the problem being if the pumps get too hot they turn off.)

I setup a dashcam to record the afr and boost so I’ll review that after work and have some concrete numbers on what the cars doing


Gonna install a fuel pressure regulator over the weekend, Clamp everything down proper, tighten the oil system fittings, get into the bov and cut the spring a little shorter(it’s barely opening), and put a check valve in the pcv to keep from pressurizing the crankcase.

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