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January Amazon Order Reduction Goals

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What a sterile title... Anyway, as my only 2019 New Year’s resolution of merit, my goal was to reduce my usage by about 15%. I wanted to pick a reasonable number that wouldn’t impact my life too much.


That might not sound like a lot, but let me put my Amazon habit’s in perspective here. In all of 2018 I ordered 394 unique items from Amazon, 421 items total, with a total bill of [holy crap what no... redacted]. A 15% reduction in orders would mean reducing my total order count by about 63 items.

Why is another issue that I don’t think is worth going in to on a car site.

[Edit for clarity] This is not to spend less money, though that might be a happy side effect. The goal was to reduce Amazon usage because they are becoming increasingly evil, customer service and on-time fulfillment are worse then they ever have been, and Jeff Bezos is essentially a Bond villain. Plus the whole HQ2 thing? My distrust and dissatisfaction with the company has grown over the last year or so and as a result I am trying to make them less of a presence in my life.


So how am I doing?

Well I am pleased to announce as of today I have ordered 13 items from Amazon in January 2019. Compared to January of 2018, in which I ordered 27 items, that represents a 52% order reduction. Interestingly my total spend was 27% of my 2018 spend, meaning not only am I ordering less stuff, I am also spending less.

Ok so I overshot the mark a little there.

Ok... I’ll give you a couple real numbers, for fun. In January 2018 I spent $988.51 on Amazon. Not sure why or how, but I did it. (I think cashing in gift cards?) In January 2019 I spent $269.94.


So why is this on Oppo?


I figured to give this an oppo twist, I’d make it about the car parts I did or did not buy on Amazon.

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Actually almost all of my spend on Amazon this month was Civic stuff. I bought some Hella Supertones, a trial wheel center cap, some bumper restoration stuff, and a new dash cam.


Did Not

I bought some spark plugs from the local parts store, rather than order them through Amazon. I also bought a radio and speakers through Crutchfield instead, and a few odd and ends though eBay.


In most cases the price was the same at the alternative vendors, but the delivery was slated to be slower.


Pleased with the progress. Despite a lot of stuff was deferred to an alternate vendor, I can definitely tell looking at my bank account. This means more money for shop stuff, more money for car stuff, and more money in savings. That makes me a happy boy.


That said, truth be told I ran these number a couple of days ago, but since have needed a few thing. I put off the purchases, but they’ll be showing up on February’s Amazon bill. Still think I can keep to my goal of 15%, but... only just.

Fingers crossed February goes as well!

Interested in crunching your own numbers? Amazon has a how-to on generating history reports here.

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