Day 3 and 4 (August 10th and 11th) Akihabara by Night!

Akihabara at night is what a lot of people think of when they think “Toyko at night” The flashing lights, the signs, the late-open arcades and shops.

But first, I finally had the chance to visit a spot I hadn’t been before on previous Japan trips. The insanity of Shibuya Square.

The sheer number of people, the diagonal crosswalk. What a crazy place.

Anyways, back at The Hall of Justice Akihabara,
Some very cool sheetmetal was hitting the streets.

It’s not just cheap cars that get the anime character “itasha” treatment. This F430 Scuderia decked out for Fate Grand Order was running around, closely followed by


This nice, white R33 GT-R. (and me, trying to take a nice picture with my iPhone)


A pair decently modified FD RX-7s

and a little Idolm@ster Smart! Interestingly, this is probably an imported one, as it’s registered as a standard <2000cc passenger car, rather than as a kei car.


This Lotus was making some absolutely fantastic noises.


Hard to tell, but on the side of this car, it says:
“I fight to protect GO, for...
to protect GO’s wonderful people!
Please risk your life with pride of my SON person!”
I have absolutely no idea what that’s about.

Driving a Defender 110 or larger in Japan just seems like a huge pain in the butt.


Then again, so would a Trailblazer.


Gotta have guts to be rocking a Malaysian-built Proton...

Or relying on an Alfa Spider for transportation.


This guy’s kei van had front bits from a favorite modification company of mine, Dream Factory Blow! It’s supposed to look like an old American van in front.

American cars are just cool to have over there.


This Suzuki Swift was kind of cute...

(covered up drawn anime character underwear, for the uncensored picture, click here

but the back was a bit much.

On the way back to the hotel, we spotted this different C7 parked for the night.


To sum this up, very cool cars, very cool place!


Stay Tuned for Part 5: Cars and Cosplay and Comiket!

(for the whole trip, see… )