Since someone mentioned the E46 M3, I decided to see what I could find on Goo-Net.

And I think I found something awesome.

It's a 2002 M3 Coupe with 128,000km, or about 79,535 miles. It's not equipped with the 6-speed manual, instead it has the 6-speed SMG II transmission.


But, the real neat thing about the paint color.

That's right, Phoenix Yellow Metallic.

Seller wants US$17,630.

Considering that I found an 04 M3 convertible in the same color on eBay, that's missing a few various things (navigation DVDs, trunk tool kit parts, owners manuals, tire air compressor) that came with it and has a few issues (glove box won't open, stereo doesn't work properly, tires that need to be replaced soon, clear coat peeling off top of side mirrors) that's selling for $18,900 with about 13k less miles, I figure this one in Japan isn't that bad a deal, but I'll leave that up to you guys to decide.

Nice Price...or Crack Pipe?

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