Poking around Goo-Net, I found something that I've never seen on the site before...

A Lada Niva, and not just any Niva, but a 2013. And it's not the only one.

The one shown above is a 2013 3-door with just 350km on it, and the same seller has a brand new 5-door one as well.

Both are gasoline powered 4X4 manuals with AM/FM/CD stereos.

2013 3-door for US$20,900, brand new 5-door for US$31,090.


This country is filled with really cool cars. Take this 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer for example. It's not a low mileage one, in fact there's about 176,000km (over 109,000 miles) on it, but it's in really nice shape.

Also, check out those air fresheners.


How about some hot hatch? Try this 2007 Ford Focus ST. It's low mileage (53,000km/just short of 33,000 miles) and it's got a manual transmission.

And lastly, some more hot hatch fun, and one that you can probably buy and ship to America, a 1982 Autobianchi A112 Abarth! Or, I should say, a Lancia A112 Abarth!


It really is amazing what you can find in Japan. Perhaps someone should create a series of reviews where they go around Japan, randomly test driving whatever interesting cars they can find. That would be awesome.