I always said that a classic car needs to be at least 25 years old to be a classic, and not just an old car. Lexus and Infiniti are 25, Acura is a bit older, but are their first models, classics?

I'd say the LS is certainly a classic, it was created to beat the Germans at their own game and did.

The SC is another car that is becoming a classic, and its curves and Supra bones, sure help.

Too bad that some have been ruined...


...and too bad that Lexus had no clear idea what to do with the nameplate after the first gen. and we got that...thing.

The GS, could be a classic, if it's in very good condition.


RX? I don't know, it's one of the first luxury SUV's, but I doubt SUV's will be classics/collectibles.

IS wagon, not old enough to be a classic, but it is a collectible, since it is the only wagon, Lexus ever made.


What Lexus models will become classics/collectibles?

IS F, original F model will be a must have, when F will be on par with ///M.



Duh, of course it will be a classic collectible.


CT, the first Lexus hatchback.

What else is there?