Somehow, japanese love using english words here and there... I guess it sounds cool to them. On the other hand, I think it’s fair to say with a statistic I’m pulling out of my ass, that 99% of japanese can’t really speak a word of english or a word of any language other than japanese for that matter...

The end results are restaurants with... weird spelling :)

(Really zoomed cell phone pic sorry for the pixelling, this an “Itarian Kitchen”. Japanese mix “r” and “l” constantly. This is of course “Italian Kitchen”. The guy can’t spell the country of origin of his own themed restaurant... I let you imagine the food itself!)

Or french...


Taken at a “Love Hotel” a while ago :)

This means absolutly nothing... Translated litteraly in english it would give something like ”Please, take care of twice”


Or this one, same place... “Thanks for the use of today, spend only please slowly the time for 2”

Anyway, if you ever get the opportunity to spend time here, they have tons of tshirts with writings that means nothing and with a crap load of spelling mistakes. Get one. It’s so worth it :)