Inspired by 415s30's post about Targa Tasmania. Jason White is a regular of the Aussie targa events in his Gallardo. It catches fire. He doesn’t stop.

Par the course for Mr White
Par the course for Mr White

I’ve long known that he drives a Gallardo in these events - full pelt on real roads that have been closed on the event, which sounds like a dream come true to me. I’ve long known that his raging bull caught fire during one of the events.Today I had a closer just gets better.

It’s caught fire many times, but it’s never made him actually stop.

After skipping the 9 minutes of hard Gallardo hoonage, you can see the flames in the rear view mirror, reflecting off the rollcage. He doesn’t seem to care.

Here’s another. Different event, different year. He just keeps going.

And again, in Victoria this time. He does a skid in a flaming Lamborghini.

Amazing. Stupid maybe, but amazing.

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