Jaw Dropper

Need need need

My Jaw dropped when this Guards Red (I think) Carrera GT pulled to Pittsburgh Cars and Coffee this past Saturday. One of my all time favorite cars. It had the Terracotta interior. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one in person up close, especially in any color other than silver. Photodump below to make your Monday better.

My reaction too. Couldn’t stop staring at it.
Still some of my favorite wheels
Montana lol
Looks and sounds beautiful

Here’s some other cars I photographed while at Cars and Coffee

Super clean M6, I believe an 88
So clean
GT3 Touring always has my heart
Couple Wideboi’s.
Aventador row, ready for liftoff
More cars need silver wheels, black is overplayed
This Basket is beautiful, very well done.
My dirty ass GTI invaded Cadillac & Tesla row

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