Jay Leno + Elon Musk and associated Ego + Primetime =

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This joke was stupid, much like the video, but I enjoyed it because it was so stupid.

In this video, Jay Leno and Elon Musk tootle around town in Musk’s new Compensation Mobile while he points out all his greatest achievements as they drive past. For some reason they take it through the Boring Company tunnel, which is now paved, with the idea of public transit abandoned, and it barely fits.


All this is on indifferently edited primetime uploaded to Youtube where it appeared in my suggestions.

The real takeaway is that the Cybertruck will be 5% smaller in every dimension, so be prepared to break out those 5% smaller truck nuts to fit the aesthetic.


For the record I don’t hate the Cybertruck, just what it stands for. Some impressive engineering wrapped up in a juvenile daydream.

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