Illustration for article titled JDM forbidden fruit you forgot you could import (provided you can find one)

Everyone has been so obsessed with Skylines that everybody has seemed to have forgotten that one of the coolest cars in all of Gran Turismo 2 has been available to import for the past 5 years: the Tommy Kaira ZZ, with the updated ZZ-S being available starting, well, now. For the average going price of a R32/33 GT-R (when they show up at all), you can have a mid-engined, SR20 powered roadster (putting out 190 horsepower in the ZZ and 197 in the ZZ-S) that weighs a hair over 1400 pounds. That’s triple the power of the Kei sports trio, in a car that’s lighter than all of them. Yeah, they’re incredibly rare and cost quite a bit more, but owning one will make you a god at Radwood and every Cars and Coffee you go to for the rest of your life.

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