So in my area (Countryside/Clearwater Florida), the JDM BRO community has moved onto KDM MANE. KDM applies to Hyundai/Kia but not Equus (Hyundai tries to make it a sub brand). They like to stickerbomb and slam their cars. However, this rule does not apply to Genesis coupes as they're pretty much the next "350Z" in which finding a stock one without loud pipes or without rim job or even UNS UNS UNS BLOW OFF VALVE ENHANCEMENTS on the turbo four is damn near impossible. They also gravitate toward Velosters. HyundaiAccentsAreFastBro could possibly weigh in in this.

My theory? Price point. TRY to find an unmolested S2K for $15-20 thou with less than 100K. Hyundai Genesis Coupe? It has the depreciation factor of Gailileo's Bowling Ball. In other words, a 2011 2.0T R Spec can be found for the same mileage AND HAS THE FACTORY WARRANTY! (If not modded). Fully loaded 2012 Equui (with the FREE iPads) can be had for 38k. It will be the next Lexus LS in which it's going to the next big "HELLAFLUSH STANCE BRO" car. Oh shit it's already happening.