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JDM Intensifies (cup holder review(very exciting(much wow)

Got my MAD TYTE JDM EBAY cup holder today. Ended buying a slightly different one then I had originally shared. This one says Nemesis on it, so ominous. It was a dollar cheaper, and it was already in the use so it shipped 5 days faster. The first one was shipping from Australia.

It attaches with what look like over grown bobby pins. It also has a adjustable peice support/rest. It also came with some sticky flim made to go on your vent louvers so the clips don’t scratch them, and a stick on bit of foam for the support.


The first thing I did was get my biggest coffee cup fill it with water and put it in. Everything held just fine. I’ve gotta say the clips are scoockum as frig. I was afraid of breaking the vent Louvers when I slid them on. It is a bit small for big American coffee mugs, but works A+ for cans.


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