Seat came in from Japan. All accompanying documents are entirely in Japanese.

The “low max” system isn’t just marketing wank. Look at that seat bottom. It’s an inch thick, BUT... that’s a rolled lip, so the actual seat bottom is closer to 1/3" thick. The underside of the seat adds almost nothing to the overall height. Cushions are fairly thin, and can be removed for maximum headroom.

Seeing as I’ve now owned 3 replicas and now a real one, I’ll probably go over the differences later. In short, I’m glad I went with an authentic seat, but I think the replica market is great too. Slightly worse material quality, quality control and lack of FIA certification for 25-40% of the cost? That’s going to be perfectly suitable for most people.

What is edirb?


Now I just need harnesses... 4-point Schroth ASM’s is in my mind the ideal streat setup to compliment these seats. They’ve recently been tested by Schroth and 3rd party groups with the sub belts as well, and they seem to work great with the street-oriented ASM system. I’ll be grabbing subbelts as well so I can go to 6-point when desired.

Eventually I’ll buy another Matching bride, but for now the $50 Craigslist knockoff will work just fine for the passenger side. But my OCD won’t allow me to keep a black seat in the cabin for TOO long.


So basically, fuck thieves, but things are working out. Unfortunately it’s unlikely I’ll be doing any turbo/engine swaps this year due to the unexpected replacement costs, but it is what it is.

Pictures of the old setup