Well, the good news is, the body is every bit as pristine as advertised. I mean seriously. This thing hasn’t got so much as a door ding on it. You could eat off the underside. And not one drop of fluid anywhere.

Buuuuut then I look at the interior and it is completely shot. D/S bolster’s gone, seat heater doesn’t work for crap, which took me a bit to find because all the buttons are worn off. Buttons, I expected. Seat, I did not. Passenger seat isn’t too much better either.

Good service records, so the drivetrain is in amazing shape. Transmission fluid service performed as required. Differentials too. And it’s gotten a new PCM and a new transmission pressure sensor, the two big risk items. Na bad.

Theeeeen I looked under the hood. PCM is third party reman, by NEAT. Well that explains the throttle input lag. But at least it was installed correctly and they re-secured the harnesses as required. Wait, “hmm, busted headlight access cover?” <slides right out> “Uhoh.” <peer> Hey look! Wire nuts. The fucking headlights are spliced in with fucking wire nuts.

Which also explains the IPC asking for the language selection - that’s not getting stored because of the junk reman job on the PCM. And the interior harness is throwing a red flag up with the dash speakers crackling; pinched wire. Another common problem on these, massive pain in the ass to fix.

So, yeah... not worth the asking price. Not even close.

So the search continues.