I received a letter in the mail about a year ago saying my 2011 Jeep Wrangler had a recall on its passenger airbag. About a week ago I received a voicemail and a letter in the mail saying that parts were in and that they are going to replace both airbags while I’m in. I just called up my dealership to schedule the replacement and they’re telling me based on my VIN there is no recall on my Jeep. The NHTSA website says 07-16 Wranglers are affected with no mention of VINs. My past experiences tell me that Chrysler dealerships are some of the most incompetent around, so I’m not shocked that no one seems to know what is going on. Anyone else have issues with getting airbags replaced in their FCA products? I just had the bags swapped about in my BMW with zero issues, other than it taking them two years to get the parts in. They never even asked me for my VIN, just the year, make and model. Last eight of my VIN are BL525006 if there are any FCA dealer employed Oppos who can verify the info I was given. Jeep kitchen for your time. UPDATE: when I use the NHTSA website and search my VIN, no recalls come up. What’s going on here?