Coming from a Fiat 500L which included a cargo cover as standard, we were disappointed that FCA chose to leave it out of most of their North American Jeep products (my friend with a KL Cherokee also has no cover).

That said, I set out to obtain one, and Mopar’s accessories store does not yet stock it. I know it exists because multiple European MP Compass reviews showed the cargo cover. So I called up our local dealer who, although unable to order for us, did provide the P/N of the cover.

Then I browsed over to Mopar Parts Counter in CT, which listed it as in stock. After ordering, someone from the associated dealership (it’s operated by Mitchell CDR in Simsbury, CT) kindly called and told me that they had received several orders and the associated mounting hardware was also needed:

6AA59DX9AB Cover-Cargo Area

Add’l hardware:
6MB14DX9AB Support-Quarter Trim
6MB36DX9AA Cover-Access
6MB39DX9AA Cover-Access

Installation was not exactly a breeze (got a finger bruise), but no special tools required other than some pliers and a small flat-blade screwdriver for prying things.

Early happy new year to all, and safe travels!

FCA went to great lengths to cost-cut their products. These parts come with European Compasses, but NA cars get flat hinge-less trim panels and grocery hangers instead of resting tabs.
The cover is asymmetric to accommodate the power liftgate rod on the left.
Fitment is on point!

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