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Jeep Gladinflator lands Down Under

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2020 Jeep Gladiator pricing*

Overland $75,450

Rubicon $76,450

LaunchEdition $86,450

*Excludes on-road costs

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All versions are Pentastar with the 8 speed auto. Launch Edition is the Rubicon with even more accessories.


And my thoughts on this? At least Jeep Australia are being philosophically realistic about this...

“I don’t think we want to play into the ute markets, the product has not been designed for it, and we don’t want to be positioned exactly like this. And we are not intending to come and sell 15,000 cars in that market, because we know we have a product that is unique and specific and with a purpose,” he said.


Which seems to be sales speak for "won't sell many but the margins will be awesome!".

Without the towing capacity (only 2721 kg, needs another 300 kg) and payload capability (only 620 kg which lame for something so large) of even its premium local competitors like the Ranger Raptor, Amarok Highline and Navara N-Trek Warrior...I’m not sure that the off road chops that this nails is, on its own, going to help win the day. No matter how well specified they are...and they are chock full of goodies.


It could have been so much better...

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