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Jeep is decades too late to Suzuki's party

Although there were many respectable 4x4s from Suzuki Samurai's (Jimny) era such as the Daihatsu Rocky which is also a fantastic small 4x4 but, the era for Suzuki's Jimny still continues, partly because of Japanese Kei car regulations and partly because of just how a damn good 4x4 the Jimny is.


Now though, there's a challenger as an off-spring of Fiat and Chyrsler's mating and eventual platform sharing of the Fiat 4x4 platform and the result is Jeep Renegade.

Whoever appreciates what a nice 4x4 SUV the Jimny is, yearns to see what makes such as Jeep, Pajero, Land Cruiser, and Defender would be like but we haven't got any.

Pajero did fielded a mini-Pajero and we have driven it infinitely alongside one of the best 4x4s; 70 and 60 Series Land Cruiser, Prado, MUTT, Jeep Cherokee and of course, its own big brother; the Pajero but it is great a cruiser but a pitiful 4x4ers. We had swapped everything in it from the its 3-door big brother to make it work pleasantly in the wild.


The Jimny is another story, even the old ones known as Potohars are great off-roaders with as little as 50-60 bhp and some diffs.


The dimensions of both Renegade and Jimny are broadly the similar, Wheelbase of Jimny is 88 inch vs Renegade's 101.2 in, length is 143.31 vs 166.6, width is 62.99 vs 71, height is 65.75 vs 66.5 and the difference you see between them as the dimensions has 5 instead of Jimny's three so they belong they can compete and will compete in the world of 4x4s.

But Renegade's 1.4 liter has more at 160 HP whereas Jimny's similar 1.4 liter produces a meager 84 but the chemistry between the body, wheels, transmission and wheels has built its reputation despite the fact that Jimny with a smaller body, weighs as much as the five door Jeep, which is what vehicles of the category weigh.


So, there it is. Suzuki is the host of the party to which Jeep's coming to, a bit late sure but better late then never.

Frankly though, the Renegade looks great and promises something that we may finally get a move on but Suzuki's looking too and may as well finally give us a new one as they have shown off some really beautiful concepts but they wouldn't tell us what exactly they are.


PS: I am running out pics for Jimny's and stuff. Don't even have pics of the new Jimny, I need to drive the Renegade and both Jimny soon again quite badly. :/

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