Jeep J4000 For Sale in Bend, OR

My brother is in Bend, OR, and has been meaning to get around to selling his truck. I figured I'd help him out. He posted on Craigslist months ago and the listing has since expired. Hoping this will generate some interest and a fellow Jalop may give it a new home. Again - this is my brothers truck, not mine, so I am thin on the details. I can provide you with some contact info should you want to get in touch with him to view the vehicle.

For sale is a Jeep J4000 pickup, I didn't even know about these things until he bought one. He sent me a few photos. I've seen the truck in person and it is a friggin' tank and is running. He dropped a Wagoneer motor in it of an unknown year and his best guess is it has 80-90k miles on the engine. Automatic with Quadra Trac. Auto starter kit.


Truck is free from any serious rust issues and under the hood is pretty clean. He sent me a few photos. Bend is kind of high desert country and salt is never used on the roads.

I think he is asking $5,000 OBO. If interested comment below and I can give you his info. Again, NOT MY TRUCK - if you have questions you need to talk to my brother.


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