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Jeep life bro

Two months ago I bought a jeep because I’m getting rid of my WRX. The Wrx was too much to insure and I didn’t really have a love for it. So I bought something cheap to hold me over till I either find a project or buy a new car when my insurance goes down. I didn’t think I would say this but I absolutly love this jeep. It’s a 1994 Cherokee sport with 113,000 miles and no mods at all. No rust either! Anyway.. It hasn’t had a problem but on cold starts, like the first start of the day, it will crank for an extra second longer than a start when it’s already at operating temperature. I’m not sure if it could be the starter or maybe some plugs. I don’t want to buy and throw parts at it and waste money. Anyone have any idea what it could be?

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