Bullseye, direct hit!

Kevin Hoffer was driving underneath an overpass when a plow dumped snow and ice on his SUV’s windshield.

“Soon as it hit the windshield, the windshield just shattered,” Hoffer told 24 Hour News 8.

He was merging onto northbound US-131 from Stadium Drive Monday when it happened. His dashcam video captured it all in real time.

“I saw a plow coming,” he said. “Thought nothing of it.”

The snowplow was eastbound on the Michigan Avenue overpass.

“I didn’t expect (the snow) to hit,” he explained. “I expected to actually get past it or for it to come down before it got to me.”

Alternate video in case of Kinja:

Let us all take this as a good reminder to always... uh... well, what do you think is the main takeaway here? Is there a good way to approach this situation? (Besides making sure that you have a dascham running, that is...)


Is it reasonable to expect someone who’s in the process of merging with nearby traffic to also keep an eye out for plow trucks on overpasses? And what are your chances of adjusting your speed just the right amount to avoid this? And should you even try, while in the midst of other traffic, on slippery roads?