Took my family to the Jeep dealership this weekend to get our free prize for coming in ($5 cash and some candy!) while my wife’s TDI was getting its 50k service and while we were there I had her check out the JKU’s. She loves the 4 door wranglers for their looks and she would easily qualify as the type of person that would buy one and live with its eccentricities just for the looks of the thing...or used it. We got up inside a sport model and we crawled around it for a while and she said to me as we were leaving

“Boy, up those really look cheap.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I don’t know, they just look and”

“Well, they are.”

Don’t get me wrong, I still like a wrangler, and so does she but she’s right, compared to a 4Runner or even a frontier the interiors look and feel like many pennies were pinched. We checked out a Rubicon with leather too and discovered that its the same thing...just with leather. Its not even that I mind cheap interiors, I really don’t care about the pampering I get in a wrangler its more a feeling of...well if they cheaped out here, what else did they cheap out on?


Here’s hoping the next generation gets a heaping dose of quality improvement.

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