Here is a minute of Jennifer Lawrence being awesome. The story was posted on Gawker and other places. She was at the London premiere of Catching Fire and spotted a young fan crying. So she took time out from being on the red carpet, got the barriers moved and spent a minute talking with the fan and getting pics taken. Just another reason to like her.

A young woman, whom Yahoo Movies has learned is 15-year-old Jessica Hambly, was seen crying as J.Law walked past her on the "Catching Fire" carpet. Hambly is from Bransholme, England, and she suffers from mucopolysaccharidosis disease, a metabolic disorder that makes the joints of the body weaker, nerves less effective, and the heart and lungs do not work as well as they should.

Hambly attended the event thanks to the Starlight Children's Foundation, which grants wishes to terminally and seriously ill children.

When Lawrence saw Hambly overwhelmed with emotion, the actress stopped, crossed the red carpet barrier, and chatted with her as the young fan continued to be moved to tears.

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