Jeremih-- 'oui', followed by a rant (warning:mildly depressing)

I miss Chicago and my girl. We’d still be together, like we were for 4 years, if I wasn’t forced to move to Florida. She still loves me but it won’t work long distance, parents get in the way and all that shit. It was so much easier seeing her in person at school and especially since we had EVERY class together and lived in the same neighborhood. Now I’m hundreds of miles away from her and my home. It’s not the same anymore and this song, being the last that was hot and the very last song I heard on my last day in Chicago, with all my friends from day 1 and my girl with me, all chill but pissed at the way things had to turn out, always takes me back to the good times and that last moment I held her. This song always makes me feel like it’s all good and we’re still all there, at that one park in the middle of all our houses, living life to it’s best. And when the song finishes and reality sets in, I become the most depressed person in every universe. I miss Chicago, my girl, my bros, my school and everything.


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