Some Chris D’Elia for your time.

So as some of you know I bought a ‘79 Porsche 928 to fix up and flip for a bit of scratch. I had been bouncing the idea of getting a 240Z to build into my own devil, then I was thinking I could really really use a truck, but if anyone read my older posts on the 928 the whole purpose was something for my S.O. to drive cause he gets very upset about not having transportation. So I thought a truck would be good cause we like outdoorsy shit, but cant really get anywhere outdoorsy with my GTO cause it barely makes most speed bumps. Unfortunately my want for a pick up has been counteracted by the S.O. saying blatantly he hates trucks and would never drive one... Well there goes that idea. I guess a truck can wait till later cause I won’t buy an SUV. So I also through out the 240Z idea because I already have 1 projects car and I don’t need 2. Well I like the Germans and their engineering. Plus I am quite a bit German on both sides of my family. So I thought what about a cheap German car that isn’t older than I am for him to drive and I would own and help maintain. He has a bunch saved up like $3-4k, but he really wants a Saturn Sky Turbo which a nice one with a manual is around $15k. I really would like him to be able to save that much to get his dream car while he drives around in one of my favorite cars, a Z3 or SLK. Fortunately clean Z3s with 100k miles can be had for arounf $4k which is about what I would be looking to spend after selling the 928. My question to you all is, would that be a good choice? I would keep the car in my name in case our relationship fumbling and its my money so its my car. I just need to know if you guys think this is a good idea.... Like this for example.

2000 BMW Z3


This car is the beauty and the beast... It has 110k miles and runs perfect. No mechanical problem. The gearbox is new, I changed it 7 months ago, also the shocks and breaks are new. Regularly changed oil maintained. Asking for 6k OBO.