I just watched the movie which was put out in 2016. Spoilers ahead but you’re really not missing much anyway.

The Bourne Ultimatum was released in 2007; I never got around to watching Legacy even though I love the first three.

It was kind of like meeting a friend that you lost touch with a while ago. You catch up again, chat about old times, but realize that conversation doesn’t really have much substance. Who you both have become is different from the old friends you used to be.


You’re still friends but you’ve both moved on, enjoying the old familiar feeling while feeling bored at the same time. It’s the same predictable conversation that you’ve probably had in the past. Those good memories of the past haven’t changed since the last time you reminisced. You have a decent time, and maybe you’ll run into each other a few years down the line. 

While I was happy to watch Jason Bourne it didn’t hold my interest as much as the first three movies. The CSI-style computer wizardry seemed really over-the-top in this one; I personally don’t think that . The convention where Bourne conveniently finds GPS trackers and spy cameras felt ridiculously forced, the SWAT van chase become unbelievably stupid when it just started mowing through gridlocked traffic like they were toy cars, and I didn’t enjoy Alicia Vikander as much as I did Joan Allen who played Pam Landy in Supremacy and Ultimatum.

I know there’s some suspension of disbelief needed for these stories but the first three felt more real (even though they also had some crazy shit), this one felt just a bit too wacky.

On the other hand, Tommy Lee Jones was alright, Matt Damon and Julia Stiles did as expected, and of course the movie ended with a new mix of Extreme Ways.


Bourne is one of those characters whom I really hope dies a really badass death, like Wolverine in Logan, rather than fading away in a series of diminishing quality.

On my scale of 1 - 76, where 1 is awful, 76 is average, and 33 is great, I give it a 54. Meh.

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