It's just snow! Why do your brains turn off the second that frozen water falls from the sky?

I'm talking it's just barely snowing, yet there were people already going 45 on the highway. WHY? Then there was a lady getting ready to change lanes behind another car who SLAMS ON THE FUCKING BRAKES FOR NO REASON, causing me to almost rear-end them. If I was in the GMC I probably would have. Then the person with no lights on, not using turn signals, weaving in and out of lanes.

Fucking hell. *head table*

Nope-ing the hell off the roads for today. People go brain dead when the weather goes to anything more than overcast.


Also, the fucking CHECK COOLANT LOW or whatever it said stopped showing up on the M3. No idea why or what but it didn't flash the message once in the 3 times I turned the ignition on and off to see it again. I swear to Jesus.