(Jump to 3:06 in the video - won't link with a custom start point for some reason) I was scouting the Tube for videos of jet-engined semis drag racing stunt planes, like you do, when I came across this video of the well-known Shockwave truck crashing at a 2008 air show in Massachusetts. Only one of the two parachutes deploys at the end of a high-speed run, pulling the truck off line and sending it sideways - can't tell how fast he's going, but its top speed is 376 mph so you have to imagine he was still above 200 at that moment. Looks like he slides on his side for a while before something catches and sends him rolling.

It's crazy enough that he survives relatively unscathed, but his first move is to get out and walk around the truck to inspect the damage. WHAT. You just violently crashed something powered by jet fuel! Get the fuck out of there, man!

That's 36,000 horsepower, btw.