It’s 4:30AM and I can’t get back to sleep. I guess 5 hours will have to get me through today. An interesting note: Landing for my connection in Denmark, the first car I saw was a Tesla Model S. Scandinavian countries, you have a funny obsession with Teslas. In unrelated news, first time on a Bombardier Q400 and Luxair served half decent sandwiches on a short 1.5 hour flight.

Continuing with stream of consciousness - not really sure what to do with my Lancer Ralliart. I’ve been dailying the Miata but I still have a need for a 4 door. Things about the Ralliart have been bothering me lately though - the seating position is weird, I fear the TC-SST, and I just don’t love it the same way I used to. But if I replace it, I probably won’t drive the replacement much either.

Oh, and my airBNB smells like stale cigarettes despite being a non-smoking rental.


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