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Some of you will remember from my earlier review of my VXR that I was going to swap out my watercraft for a different model. Well, the paperwork is done and I will soon have a 2015 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO parked in the back yard.


There aren't any photos of my actual craft for me to share yet because it's in the dealer lot still wrapped up. However it is the same as the stock photo above down to the colour scheme.


It's powered by the same 1812cc inline 4 cylinder engine, producing aproximately 180hp, as the VXR. It's 99lbs heavier however at 827lbs.

The FX series, however is Yamaha's luxury watercraft. It's a foot longer and 4 inches wider than the VXR with a hull much better suited for cutting trough chop. Which translates to a much more stable and comfortable ride over rough waters.


Features include the 3-piece cruiser seat, 33 gallons of storage including a water-tight container under the seat and a wet storage compartment for stuff like tow ropes, flip flops and diving goggles at the stern, four position tilt steering, electronically adjustable trim, cruise control, no wake mode which holds a steady 5mph without the user needing to apply throttle for low speed zones, a more detailed multi-function display, a much deeper reboarding step, ergonomic handlebar grips and pull-up cleats flr docking ropes.

And of course, Yamaha's new RiDE left trigger that, like Sea-Doo's iBR, allows a true neutral setting, controls reverse and uses reverse thrust for braking. The similarities end there because, unlike iBR the left trigger acts like a second throttle. It doesn't cycle between neutral or reverse but engages reverse directly. Neutral is achieved simply by letting go of both triggers. Also, the reverse bucket is designed to allow directional thrust while applying the RiDE trigger, allowing you to steer while slowing down with whatever amount of thrust you are applying.


I'll be picking it up in a couple of weeks and I gotta say I'm excited. I'll have an in depth review out in June.

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