Jetskilopnik, yay or nay?

Just wondering, who would be in favor of me doing a sort of regular/weekly segment dedicated to Personal Watercraft? (AKA Sea-Doos, Jet Skis or WaveRunners). Also, Any segment title suggestions? Boatalopnik is too generic and I'm not sure about my Jetskilopnik idea.

The segment would cover PWC industry news, new model announcements, reviews I find around the web, related products and accessories as well as my own personal adventures (I have a big week long trip planned in early July along all 200km of the rideau Canal with some camping and shenanigans) and reviews of the machines I do manage to get my grubby hands on. Heck, I could potentially have my first review out today.


Anyways, chime in and give me opinions and/or suggestions!

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