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JICFM Pt. 02 - Let's Make a Clock!

Welcome to another edition of "Junk I Cadged From Mercedes". Today we're going to look at an actual auto part that's been hanging around my garage for nearly twenty-two years.

Below we see a "cover", MBNA part #115 401 03 24. According to this PDF file, it's from an "early vintage 280SL", so that's cool.


Now I was laboring under the impression that I'd acquired it during an inventory, but those always occurred in October, and we can see from the "picking ticket" that it was scrapped on December 09, 1992. So it was just random salvage...

The "picking ticket" shown, while not typical, is a good example of the type of work that went on in the PDC. Every order, whether for one part of 500, was called a "delivery note", and came with these stickers attached. This one is for a scrapped part- likely returned by a dealership, so the "location" is bogus.


As "pickers", we were expected to pick 60 lines an hour. I managed to achieve that once in 11 years. It wasn't a "hard and fast" quota, there were always a few people who didn't make it. But when it was time to put the screws to an employee, they would certainly apply it. In my case, when I started calling the home office to point out that present management was less than competent, I began to get regular write-ups and notices, and after a full year of those I was let go. Small consolation- they took it so seriously that they flew the head of HR out from Montvale, New Jersey, to deliver the blow.

So here'sre the scratches that got this bad boy trashed;


Now being that I'm transforming myself through practical application into a metal refinisher of possibly greater-than-average acumen, I should have no problem buffing that right out (come to think of it, aren't these usually painted anyway?) The most obvious application I can think of for that is to make it into a clock, with some bitchin' backlighting and stuff.

Suggestion for color/accouterments/appendages are welcome. And as always, thanks for reading!

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