Rockford ditching the trusty old Firebird for a rotary-powered import? It happened, guys. He was featured in several FC RX-7 commercials as well as ones for many other, more ordinary cars. There were no "Rockford turns" done in the cars, unfortunately. It's also too bad he left a year prior to the year of Miata excellence.

He'll warn you: the RX-7 will flat spoil you for anything else!

And don't tell him you know about turbos... until you drive a 626 turbo!

Don't tell him about luxury pricing, either!

Mazda testing comprises of the most insane hoonage.

Do those girls in the FB even know who he is?

The RX-7 beats the 944 to 60... and by $12,000!

James is by far the more interesting element of a 323 ad, especially when quoting C&D.