Jinxed Myself

Over the years I have ordered from ECS, and all of the companies they have gobbled up in recent years (Turner, Pelican, what was left of BAV Auto...)

I’ve never had an issue. I was thinking just that when I stumbled across a bunch of posts talking about how much ECS sucks... I thought “one person had one bad experience and has blown it out of proportion” as I ordered wheel spacers and a few other odds and ends.


That was 15 days ago! When I have contacted them, they have told me that the shipment is delayed, but not much else. So I contacted the company that makes the spacers and asked about their agreement with ECS. They weren’t a ton of help but it sounded to me like ECS wasn’t their favorite client.

I’ve bought the spacers to play around with fitment before I decide on aftermarket wheels. Feeling like I should have just bought the wheels I’m pretty sure I’m going get anyway.

This is honestly not a big deal, but this is the second weekend in a row that I was hoping to do more than wash one of the cars. Gimme my parts!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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