Since we are slow, here is some more E-Type content. As some of you may have read there is a beautifully beaten up Series 3 I want. Well dwelling on the fact that I can’t afford it, I have been drawing up my idea for the beater car’s transformation into a daily racer.

My drawing

Yes, the bumpers have been deleted, the doors welded shut and handles shaved, 2 3-1 side pipes, race filler cap, full roll cage, number circles, steelies, fender flares, rivets, leather safety straps, and unseen the Le Mans lights up front.

My inspiration

I’d take the approach of a Series 3 lightweight that’d had been negated and beaten because E-Type values never went up. What do you think?

Any way I offered the Beverly Hills Car Club my 928 as trade. After some exceptional back and forth between us, they declined. But I am happy to say they took my offer seriously and handled the situation well.

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