Taxi Of Tommorrow (Nissan Nv200)

+ Good legroom

+ Panoramic roof

- Not enough room for three regular sized people in the back. It was really tight.

- Harsh ride, the engine sounded like shit

- Tank like windows

- Ugly as hell

- Everything rattled and felt cheap

(Also, side note: About 80% of these things all have one steelie which is the spare tire.)



Ford C Max:

+ Not a Prius

- Theres no legroom

- The seats are uncomfortable and hard

+ Good quality ride

+ Enough room for three regular sized people in the back

Overall 6/10

2014 Impala (Like the one in the picture)

+ Great, nostalgic look. I can easily see these being the next Crown Vic in New York


+ Great rear legroom, I’m around six feet and there was more than enough room

+ Comfortable seats

- This particular example smelled like vomit and Indian food.

Overall 9/10

2013 Camry

+ Good legroom

+ Funky feeling backseat

- Shot suspension and something was wrong with the hybrid system

- Bad ride, hence bad suspension

Overall 7/10

2011 Crown Vic

+ Great rear legroom

+ Delicious V8 sounds

+ Iconic looks

Overall 11/10

Also, there’s still a decent amount of Crown Vic cabs in New York, I’d say 1/4th or so.