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JLG T350 - An Opposite Lock Review

So I spent the 4th of July playing chainsaw rodeo on top of a 34' JLG T350 tow behind lift and Id like to share some thoughts with you all.

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It is not fast. The traverse is smooth, but not quick. This is the Cadillac of lifts - its comfy, smooth but not quick by most definitions. It also has a stop point where you can only rotate it about 45 degrees in the counter clockwise direction, anymore and you have to traverse 315 degrees in the clockwise direction at a glacial pace.

Safety is paramount. Its the Volvo of lifts. It has so many interlocks and alarms it is possibly the safest thing I’ve ever done in my life (of course given my track record that isn’t saying much).


Its also really annoying. It is designed to self level, making it the Land Rover of lifts. Much like a Land Rover this lift system rarely works properly and twice attempted to bury the trailer tongue into the ground on uneven terrain. Both times my Dad and I had to go get a jack and work it under the tongue to lift it back up so we could re-hitch it to the truck so it wouldn’t get stuck. As far as I could find there is no override for this.

All in all its a nice lift albeit with some quirks. I give it an Oppo score of 6.5/10.


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