...annoys the crap out of me. Why? I'm gonna tell you why.

When I got 18, one of the gifts, my parents gave me, was Ford stock, $7000, worth of it. That seemed pretty great, sure Ford was losing money but, in my mind at least, it was because they spent a lot on buying and finacing the PAG brands.

"Those shares will worth ten times more, when the PAG powerhouse, will take off. ", I told myself. But the only place PAG was a powerhouse, was in my head.

When Ford unloaded Aston, I wasn't worried, as it is a small automaker. But, during the carpocalypse, when Ford started to sell the whole group, murdered Mercury and if I remember right, had to mortgage almost all their assets, blue oval included, I decided to sell that stock, before Ford sinks, and it becomes worthless. So I did, got around $2500, for it. But in my mind, it was the best move, I could do.


Now, Ford and JLR are doing great, thanks to revival plans designed during the PAG years, and I wonder how much the stock I owned, would've worth if JLR was still owned by Ford. Let alone what amazing products, the synergies between those brands, could've created, as we discussed that, in an older thread.