I know some Oppo’s are HR specialists or job hunting. I’ve had 12 interviews now for 5 positions and have had two offers so far. One offer I turned down, due to the 2-3 weeks a month travel requirement. The other, is a little low and I feel like I have better options coming down the pipeline.

My main complaint? That most employers or HR people are either playing head games or are incompetent. I had one firm (that I turned down) tell me a decision would be made hours after my interview only to hear from them after 2 weeks. Similarity, I was told today that an employer would get back to me in a week/week and half only to be called 3 hours later. Only one employer has been straight and transparent with me, and it has raised them from #3 on my list to #1.

Another frustrating thing? I had a hard interview today with 3 senior people. They then said that the 2nd stage is AN HOUR AND A HALF PRESENTATION that I’d have to give. What the hell? Sure, what’s the topic. Oh, that’s a secret....we’ll send it to you in an email on Friday. Presentation is on Tuesday morning. The most annoying thing is this job is the 2nd lowest paying..... like, don’t request big money stuff for lower money jobs.


What’s the worst BS you’ve put up with?

Good looking overland Ramcharger for your time.

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