Over the weekend I got an email from Zip Recruiter saying I should apply for a job at a local used car dealer that was looking for someone with video production skills. I figured I had nothing else going on since I’m being paid to sit at home by a job I hate, and that’s tenuous at best, so I applied.

I got a call from the dealership yesterday morning asking if I wanted to come out for an interview, and I said sure.


Well, the dealership deals in salvage/branded-titles. I don’t know how that all works, but I know there’s a shitload of used car dealerships in Utah that sell cars with salvage titles, those cars have to pass a state inspection (which might be pretty strict, or it might not be, it’s Utah after all), they are sold at a really cheap price (comparatively speaking), these cars have no factory warranty, and California will total a car if the airbags deploy and that’s all that’s happened to the car.

The interview itself went ok. If I got the job I’d be doing videos of cars to put on the website and answering sales calls done over the phone, because I guess a lot of their business is out of state.


Honestly, I want the job, because I want something to do and I want to cut my ties with my current job. I applied for a job with the Utah Transit Authority to be a bus driver (really), but I can’t start the job or begin training until things get better (which let’s be realistic, even though the president and the mongoloids that are his followers want things to re-open now, it’s not happening until maybe in the fall or winter).

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