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Job Interview Tomorrow

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I had planned on never moving for a very long time, once I moved back to Buffalo. Interestingly enough though, there is a tech company in Charlotte that is flying me down for interviews for a IT Security Operations Team Lead position. Assuming they offer me the job, this very well could have me moving once again down to the South Carolina area.


I feel like after the phone interviews and conversations I’ve had with the hiring manager, it is unlikely I won’t be offered the position. So I’m excited for the opportunity, but almost dreading the decision I’ll have to make.

I currently love my job; I’ve been in this role for 1.5 years, but with the company for 10. So I want to know what else is out there, and make sure I’m not doing myself a disservice by staying here.


Moving back to the S.C. Area though is exciting. I miss the warm weather, the gun laws, the lack of salt on the roads, and did I mention the warm weather. The BMW Driver’s Experience has always been on my bucket list, and I wouldn’t be that far from amazing driving roads in the mountains of North Carolina.

Wish me luck Oppo!

**Oppo Related - I have plans to rebuild a lot of my Outback XT’s suspension this spring, along with fixing all the damage from the previous owner’s run-ins with deer (pural). Check out the driver’s door. There is also a major dent in the passenger side rear panel by the fuel filler door. I’ll post pictures when it’s all done.

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