Job interview tomorrow.

I’ve had enough of my coworkers being assholes, so I’m trying to go back to working on my own. Tomorrow, I have an interview with a company that delivers for Amazon. The good news:

It’s closer than my current job

The vans are smaller than my current dump trucks

It’s four days at 10 hours each, so I get three days off including two consecutive. Currently, I get two non-consecutive days off, so I can hardly do things.


It pays more than my current job.

It pays more than my current job.

I get to listen to my own music.

It pays more than my current job.

I get to say I drive a Mercedes.

The bad news:

The hours are 10:30AM-8:00PM, so I can’t do much during the week.

No long-distance jobs, so it’s a lot of quick stops. That’s more of a neutral point though, but I would slightly prefer a few long drives to a billion short ones.

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