Buffer image, the M3 at work; appropriate, because I drove it to work today.

That provides an excellent segue into my first problem. I drove the M3 to work today because I’m headed to the dealer today to get my airbag recall taken care of. I leave my work ID in the 3 because I usually don’t take the M3 to work. I’ve to DD the M3, but adding 80 miles everyday to a M car isn’t exactly cheap. To park, we have to swipe our badge, and just as I go to pull into the plant, I realized I forgot my fucking badge back at home in my 3. So I had to go to security to get temporary badge, which doesn’t have access to anywhere in the plant, yay. On top of that, my office keys are on my badge, so I had to wait 30 minutes for one of the guys I share an office with to get here to open my door. Great way to start my morning.

Work has also been shitty recently. I’m not satisfied with my job at all, which is why I’m job searching. I forgot how much fun that was. I also forgot how much of a waiting game it was. I got a call yesterday, December 11, about a job I applied for back on October 27. At least this time, I’m actually earning some money as opposed to last year when I was on a fixed income of $0/month. I could bitch about my current pay, but I think it’s best to say I’m not being compensated correctly. That said, this search isn’t about just the money. It’s a factor, but not the main one. If it was only about it, I would have been headed back to the oilfield. I realized it wasn’t about the money when I wasn’t even thinking about what car I would buy if I went back. I was thinking about how bad my quality of life was and how shitty my social life was. I am going to ask for more, not oil money, but to be compensated like a chemical engineer with 5 years experience.

The good news is that I have an interview on Friday, but seeing as I’ve used all my vacation, looks like I’ll be calling in sick. It’s also a lot harder to interview when you have a full time job. So, looks like I’ve got a couple of prospects, both would mean that I would have to move, but I’m not attached to this area. Plus, I’ve moved every year since 2008, my first year of college, so I figured I might as well keep the tradition going for a decade.


Regardless, looks like there’s going to be some changes coming soon, probably for the best.