My family is moving “back home” from the PNW to Minnesota. We were originally going to try and wait until one of us had a job lined up but that seemed tricky, as most employers want to know when you are arriving. So we set a date for the end of the month.

I had a phone interview with a firm earlier this week. Before the end of the day the person I interviewed with responded to my “thank you” email saying that she wanted me to talk with HR and meet the rest of the team for the next interview. She offered trying to setup video conferencing or that I could visit. I had previously stated I would fly out for any follow up interview and I am genuinely interested and it seems like a good fit so I offered to fly out(on my own dime, it’s not that swanky of a position). We exchanged a few emails to figure out a time and then I booked a flight.

I just got a call saying that the HR person wants to interview me before I fly out.

What the heck?

My only guess is that they want to just make sure I’m not an HR nightmare or that my preferred salary range was too high. But another part of me thinks why not do this before I paid for the flight.


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