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3 days in at the new place and my boss and the company staff have nothing but praise for my performance. In the morming on my second day, I had some requests for product prices and some new formulas for their car wash ready to go. I’ve been at two washes so far, improving their lines and getting feedback on what to develop.


My boss quipped to some staff near by “Woah guys, my new chemist is trying to get something done after just one day!”. And I immediately responded with “I know! You gave me a WHOLE DAY.” And naturally everyone was impressed and practically handed me the keys to the place. It’s funny, this is a much smaller shop and they had financial issues lately but they really seem to respect and understand why I’m there and everyone seems eager to help.

I can’t quite describe it but....I almost feel like I’m bringing hope to the place. I certainly have big shoes to fill but apparently I exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations.


It’s stressful and tiring but I think once the first week teething issues are done it will be the first good week of many.

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